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You Are What You Collect

I don’t know where the urge to collect things comes from. I myself am one of the most normal people I know, yet even I have a collection of several dozen antique yardsticks. I am especially drawn to the yardsticks with old phone numbers with named exchanges like MAin or ALpine, or with unusual advertising on Continue Reading


Rural Internet service is as basic as water and electricity

rural internet access

I am blessed to live in a rural community that has fairly stable and moderately fast broadband Internet service. It allows me to work with clients wherever they happen to be, have access to the latest news, information and research, and participate in the full panoply of global commerce. However, when it comes to rural Continue Reading


Does living in the city make you crazy?

traffic jam

Citing a study by Dr. Jens Pruessner of the Douglas Mental Health University Institute in Quebec, London’s Daily Mail reports that those who are born and raised in urban areas are more likely to suffer from anxiety, depression and schizophrenia than those brought up in the countryside. Findings include that the risk for anxiety disorders Continue Reading


What makes a town a town?

I’ve been thinking lately about what makes a town a town. I’m willing to accept the romantic notion that a town is the connection of the souls who live there and call it home — no matter how few they may be — but I’m thinking more about what it is that makes a town Continue Reading


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