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Trucker’s Chapel

I’m in the parking lot of a truck stop in York Nebraska looking at a semi-trailer detached from its tractor unit and set down on its landing gear. TRUCKERS CHAPEL, the letters on the side of the trailer say. Steps lead up to a broad front porch with a white lattice skirt and railing. An Continue Reading


Prairie Feminists Awaken!

“The Awakening”: Suffragette beckons women in the east who can’t yet vote. Courtesy Library of Congress, LC-USZC2-1206, 3b49106 A Grandmother in Omaha trims the wick of her oil lamp and settles down to make a rag rug which will be sold to raise money for the cause of a woman’s right to vote. In a town Continue Reading


A Stranger In A Strange Land

Limon, Colorado is a friendly place set down in a wide loneliness. From the Spanish word for lemon, limón. But pronounced Lie-man, in this town. Were there fragrant groves, the bare arms of women reaching up? If so, no longer. The main employer, now, is a mixed custody Level IV prison. August 4th, 2016. There Continue Reading


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