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Today I went in search of art. I must admit, any type of scavenger hunt in a small town of 5,000 people seems unnecessary as it only takes ten minutes to completely navigate the layout. However, since I have returned to my hometown after a long absence, I find it is imperative to look at Continue Reading



There is nothing better than stumbling upon a really great book. Often times the initial appeal can be unexplained.  Is it the well executed cover design that draws your eye into a promising read?  Is it a title, a familiar author, an innate sense that you will fall in love with the content? I like Continue Reading


Dear Mr. Buffett

Howard G. Buffett, son of Warren, farmer, photographer, and author of Forty Chances, Finding Hope in a Hungry World takes the reader by the hand and explores the deep rift between regions of the world where farmers grow an abundance of food and agriculture thrives and regions where malnutrition and hunger prevail. Mr. Howard Buffett’s Continue Reading