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The Real Nebraska “Way.”

I so admire people like these, who go their own way avoiding and ignoring the “big” store mentality, dedicated much more to the spirit of the land they live on and the people who live there: “Homestead Country Store is a small, privately owned country store, featuring natural home raised: Beef steaks, roasts, and hamburger; Continue Reading


Photo Montage – All the Fun in 36 Hours

IMG_0436 (2)

Where: Harry Strunk Reservoir near Cambridge When: A weekend in July Photographs by Shirley Butz Smiles, paddles, boats, fishing, cooking, exploring, resting, laughing, splashing! 36 Hours at Harry Strunk Lake near Cambridge, Nebraska, a playful landscape for creating fun, stories, and memories that will cultivate peace and hope far into the future. See more at Continue Reading


The Country Store by Angela Davis

On a visit to see her grand daughter in Houston, Texas, Angela Davis, our world traveler, writer and story teller discovered a country/corner store in their neighborhood that sparked memories of her own childhood in New Orleans and shopping at her neighborhood country/corner store. I too remember a Corner Stores in my small town in Continue Reading


Bee with Us in Our Apiary

IMG_0349 Join Scott Monthey at our apiary in the Platte River Valley near Overton, NE. Scott is introducing 4 packages of spring bees to their new home in the apiary. Can you pick out the queen? See Scott’s video by clicking on img-0349 above: Videographer, Scott Monthey We purchased the spring bee packages from George Continue Reading